Saturday, November 04, 2006

Equipment News

There's been some confirmations as to who's on the team and their preferred playing positions/specialities. On Friday I had two new players sign up as such Alex Wood and one of my mates - a bloke I know back home Carl Hodgson who run a team last year. His team has disbanded and as he was the team captain and driving force behind the team, he's ended up with all the gear providing it's still at his Dad's house in the loft. From what he remembers there's pads, gloves, stumps and bats, with regards the pads there's something like 4 - 6 sets. So I've held back on bidding for that gear that was on EBAY.

Team Update -

Alex Wood - Wicket Keeper or slips
Carl Hodgson - Wicket Keeper or slips
Richard Sainsbury - Wicket Keeper
Dave Thompson - Spin/slow bowler
Thomas Wheeler - Fast Bowler
Simon Garinge - Batsman
Nick Naughty - Batsman
Mark Benson - Batsman
Steve Bone - Batsman
Richard Sandling - Batsman
Phil Buchanan - Batsman
Chris Keeble - Batsman

Matt Lindsey - Has dropped out, he did say he'd play to make up the numbers and now we've got more than enough players he's dropped out. The same with Dean, he did say he would play, but again only on the basis of making up the numbers.

We're still looking for more fast bowlers, so anyone that wants to have a go at that needs to make themsleves known.