Tuesday, November 07, 2006

MPA First Eleven: Nov 7th Update

MPA First Eleven: Nov 7th Update

Whoa! Within our midsts we've discovered an Essex County player - Simon Grainge used to play for Essex under 18's! Day by day this teams getting stronger! So we'll looking to Simon to get us off to a good start when it comes to playing a few matches!

Garons News

I've contacted Claire Butcher and she's given us a little more info. It seems the sports hall at Garons is hireable in half measures and that'll cost us £33 for an hour. So one of us will have to get down there and have a look at it. Apparently cricket equipment is available to use/hire, no doubt hire and I'll look into that too. The aim is that we'll get something going before the end of November so we can start seeing how good this team is. So watch this space and I'll update as and when the info comes in.

One thing I want to see is confirmation from Richard that we might get a match against the Oz's and the Kiwi's.

One thing that has been mentioned is that we have some kind of 'Subs' so that we can purchase equipment what do you reckon to this as an idea - let me know.