Monday, December 01, 2008

December - a new dawn

I hate this time of year - the very depths of winter, no light, no leaves, constant rain and drizzle and cold. I'm considering laying off the bowling for quite a period maybe 5 or 6 weeks to let my arm and shoulder recover and have a rest? I still want to get the sessions going every other Saturday and I may throw a few slow balls then, but nothing at all trying and certainly not the kind of 1 ball every 10 seconds approach that I normally do over an hour. If we continue with our indoor pratice sessions I might just concentrate on the batting as the primary objective? I do need to start phoning places and see if we can access some proper nets at a reasonable price?

Update - several hours later Slow Motion Video footage

I can't believe it, I've now sussed out how to turn my AVI files which I can capture in really high quality with my new G9 camera into Slow motion videos! This is going to be potentially an amazing tool with which to analyse my bowling or my sons bowling and anyone else who wants to hire me to film their bowling so that they can look at their technique! All I've got to do now is find some proper nets in the next 2 weeks and film the session in high quality mode and slow it down and see what's going on. As I write I'm uploading the 1st file to youtube. I'll post the link at the bottom of this blog page once it's successfully uploaded!

This first initial video is low quality with the wrong light balance. Once I've got the camera sussed and learnt how to edit the video I should be able to present some good footage. So check this space in the coming weeks.

Have a look at this Mularitharan slow mo video - it's amazing! All he needs to do now is learn how to click it flipper style out of his hand!!!