Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's almost the weekend!

After a 2 week break my lads should be resuming their cricket training at Woodlands school. Unfortunately for Ben the older one he's off to Cubs for their Christmas so he wont be able to go. Joe on the other hand is all kitted out with new gear - cricket whites, gloves, new bat and pads, so hopefully he's going to be up for it as this week they're going in the nets for the first time. It sounds as though they're going to be using real cricket balls too as they've all been told to bring and wear their 'nut boxes'.

I'm hoping that they'll allow me to shoot some video footage, so I'll be able to post up some video clips if he does alright and if his bowling is good I may do some Slow Motion clips!

On the MPA front there's been a bit of news. I had an email from Steve Brooks and he says there's one other bloke that he works with - but he also knows the Sports boys well and he's talking about getting them involved in our team. So if that happens it's quite likely that we'd have a fair team what with Gavin, Riley, Ronnie and some of the others? So it looks like that may be heading in the right direction? On a more prosaic front I've just sent a letter to the school asking about the potential to use the nets for our practice sessions. I'd rang earlier and the response from the receptionist was quite upbeat so I've got my fingers crossed that they may be able to accomodate us in some way at a reasonable price? So watch this space!