Sunday, December 07, 2008

Quite cold

We had an Old Skool type winter day today - one where over night it was frosty and during the day where there was shadow the frost didn't disappear and tonight again it's going to drop into the minus figures again. Although dispite it being cold in the shadows out in the sun it got up to 9 degrees. I remember back in the 80's it used to stay frosty for days upon days and in 1987 there was snow on the ground for over 2 weeks with temperatures of minus 17 for that period at night. In 93 there was a snowy week or so, but none of this is anything like the winter of 1962 - 63 when it snowed on New Years even and then the sun didn't come out till Mid March and the average temp both day and night combined was something like 0.5 c and at night it regularly dropped to -17c. The snow in some places was 40' deep and over the 3 months it stayed there and got filthy dirty and became solid ice. It makes you wonder what would happen in this day and age where if we get 1" of snow it throws the country into turmoil? I'm just wondering if this weather now is indicative of a potentially cold winter ahead with 1980's style snow and coldness? It's got to happen soon and really we're due a 1949 - 1962/63 style winter where the Thames will freeze up, Gas and coal will run out within days, no food will be distributed because lorries wont be able to move, panic food buying will happen and the economy will go into further free-fall.

Went and had a quick look at our wicket over at Valence way and it looks as though the grass has been cut and no football has been played on it for a while. The markers are still in the grass indicating where the wicket is but increasingly difficult to find and I'm still pondering what I'm going to do with the roller if I manage to get it onto the field and when to do so. At the moment I'm still inclined to leave it till eary March. I was looking back through the blog a few days ago and we didn't cut the grass till June sometime in the middle of the field, but the practice wicket was cut in early May and there was some really warm weather late April, early May that would have reduced the affect of our little roller having any impact.