Monday, November 30, 2009

End of November -15332

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The end of November's been marked by loads of rain and the continuation of ridiculously mild weather. The last week has moved towards a colder feel and tonight as we finally move into December there's an indication that there's going to be at least one night of frost with the temp dropping to -6 degrees. The rains been so prevalent that I've not raked the wicket or even gone over there and had a look to see how it's getting on, but I'm not too worried as most of t he leaves have gone from the trees and leaves will be less of a problem over the next few months. The yellowing grass as far as I'm aware recovered and I'll keep an eye on that, but the good news is that we're now only 21 days away from the winter equinox and the days becoming longer.

I've had notification that Thurrock Cricket Club AKA G&CCC will be resuming net sessions and training in mid January so that's something to look forward too. Joe, Ben and I have continued to practice over at the tennis courts at the Rec and as a result thier cricket does seem to be improving slightly. They're still swinging at the ball, but their bowlings okay and their fielding is getting better too. Whether batting against 8 and 11 year olds has any beneficial results for a tail-ender remains to be seen, but the other way round me bowling against them must be improving their batting to some extent especially as I've started to bowl seam up to them and on the stumps.

For me it's been a lazy bowling month but flicking the ball around the house the Slider might be on for the summer and added to my list of stock deliveries. In fact I may have to change my mind completely with regards to what I'm going to be working on and using in my game.