Sunday, November 01, 2009

Gloucester Park Basildon

I've been doing some work on my other blogs, they're still not quite finished as I will eventually add a lot more links to video clips and add pictures to them as well. There's a few images and links in some of them but the defining touch will be to add slow motion video footage. The intention was that the Slow Mo would have been added by now but the camera hasn't been made available. I was hoping that they'd get them in at college and I'd be able to borrow one, but the order was made but then cancelled with no plans to place another order for some time. So I may have to look into getting one myself.
Another thing I noticed was that these blogs weren't getting very many hits so I've started a campaign to get them into the Google search top 10 websites hence the links here and in each of the blogs. In addition the same links now appear in all my postings on and within a matter of hours the LegSpin blog moved up from nowhere into the top 15 searches, so it does appear to be working. If you've not looked at them yourself click on the link and have a look.
Other than that because of the rain not a lot doing although I'm quite happy about that as it gives my body a rest. It also gave me the chance to go over to Gloucester Park in Basildon and photograph the New Netball facilities (See below) which have a lot of potential for off-season bowling practice using plastic Hockey Balls what with being fenced off and floodlit. As mentioned previously all the courts are very securely locked so it may be that access is tightly controlled and you might have to pay for the right to use the courts. I also thought that the courts might also double up for Tennis but the markings on the court suggest otherwise which is a shame.

The Other Picture here is the future location of the cricket pitch that will replace the one that is directly outside Murrayfields according to one of the Green Keepers. The Murrayfields pitch is to be turned over to Rugby and the pitch moved here which is better in lots of ways as this area in the summer is quite nice and they've built a brand new Car Park. I wonder if when they do complete the pitch it will come with a pavillion or changing facilities?It looks a bit dismal at the minute because of the weather, but it's quite secluded and back from the roads, so maybe a nice pitch. There did used to be a pitch here years ago which is visible as a trace from ariel shots on google earth.