Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grass problems on the new wicket - 14915

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On the way into work this morning I checked the new wicket to see how the grass is going. Last time I looked the initial area that was seeded looked to have slowed right down and settled with regards to it's growth. The newer batch had started to come through and was looking promising. 2 Weeks on though the new growth has gone yellow and I had a search round the internet and come across this - .

It seems that the bountiful rain we've had as in fact been a little too much and has a detrimental affect on the grass in that it's encouraged bad Fungi to attack the grass and the surrounding earth and deny the grass of it's necessary nutrients. The only thing I can do in the short term is hope we have a spell of dry weather that'll then encourage better forms of Fungi. I'll just have to see how it goes.

Still no signs of a practice and gradually falling into a state of unfitness I reckon. Hopefully I'll get out this weekend and I'll be interested to see if I've lost any of my abilities.