Monday, March 22, 2010

Net 9 and some weather news

Another net session that went well-ish. It might have been a lot better if my foot/leg wasn't giving me so much grief. I've done loads of stretching today - all day long and it doesn't seem to be getting any better which is disappointing after a period when it did seem to improve a lot. What I'll have to do is try not to run on it or belt up and down the stairs at work but carry on stretching all week and see if it gets any better running up to the weekend?

Nets was good from a batting perspective, it seems that when I get in the nets Wayne, Neil, Wizard and anyone else that is around up the ante a bit and seem to put a lot of effort into getting me out. I never know quite whether to go for a completely defensive approach or whether to try and hit some of them, when it comes to hitting the ball I have problems sussing out which of them are there to be hit, there's a few obvious ones, but once I've hit a few of them I then get too over-confident and then start having a go at the ones that look like 1/2 chances and that's where I come unstuck. But as I bat at either 10 or 11 and I'm sometimes there with someone who can bat and it's important that I hit the ball and get singles so that the better bloke can get the proper runs with the 2's, 3's and 4's when he's on strike. But overall I think I've got better than I was last year and that's down to the fact that Ben in particular (My older son) is getting bigger and stronger and better at bowling meaning that as he improves I do too. I'm not scared of the ball anymore as well (If it was a lot faster I would be) so that helps as well. So I quite enjoy the challenge of trying to keep them from hitting the stumps.

Weather news

It's rained this evening so more sprouting potential for the seeds on the paddock. I think I'll try and keep off it for a couple or weeks and keep my fingers crossed that the footballers, dogs and golf players do the same. Compared to how it looked back in October it looks disnmal and I'm kind of hoping that it should look like it did in October around about Mid April?