Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paddock News and bad legs

After yesterdays rain, we woke up to the prospects of a dry cricket filled day with the potential to possibly roll the wicket again. In the morning I had a look to see how it was going and whether there was any sign of grass shoots and there still isn't anything, but the prospect is that the rest of the week will be warm with a little rain.

This morning Ben, Joe and I went over the Rec to the old Tennis Courts and had a quick knock about in there as we do most weekend days around 11.00/12.00. That went well with Ben seeming to hit the ball with increasing confidence especially if the ball goes Leg-side. I reckon Ben's on the verge of getting to that point where he might start taking his batting more seriously and caring about the shots he makes, we'll have to see? Joe bowled okay, he doesn't turn it anymore and when he's bowling well he just does well through being fairly accurate and varying his flight and speed, which is something he's always done. Ben's bowling is fine with good accuracy and he's getting more and more interested in Leg Spinning and today he threw one up that turned off the wicket massively and was obviously inspired 'Am I better than you Dad at Leg - Breaks'? He asked? Yeah - maybe come back and ask that one again when you take a wicket every 15 balls I replied. But the thing is my Leg/Foot has been playing up the last few days after I bounded down the stairs at work on Wednesday rushing for the train. It seems - that I've either got to be stretching all day long or not do that kind of stuff - because I hadn't stretched beforehand and it's still bad now 4-5 days later and I've got nets tomorrow night and I don't want to be sore for that.

I've tried ice on it today and that seems to work a little bit, but I was watching Eddie Izard on the tele last night and this is a Bloke who's only 2 years younger than me and he did no prep but ran 43 marathons in 51 days! He put some of his success down to the fact that after each race he sat in an ice bath for 10-15 minutes after each race and seemed to think this was what enabled his body at 47 to be able to go on and on? So maybe part of the answer is Ice Baths for my feet? But that aside it does seem that before any activity be it running to the station to catch the train or running up and down stairs at work - I need to do warm ups or at least stretch all the time at work, which I have been doing, but seemingly not enough?

After lunch we then went to Ben and Joe's net session and a couple of his mates joined us and watched too (When they didn't have their heads buried in their nintendo DS's). Neither of them did well with the bat in either the proper game or with the Kwik Cricket later, but they both did okay with their bowling with Ben bowling one of the better kids with his 2nd ball cleaning him up hitting the stumps. Getting a bit cocky - around about his 3rd ball he tried a couple of balls of wrist spin and bowled 2 wides and then reverted back to his seam up stuff - which is increasingly very accurate. Joe did okay - good flightly balls some of them and couple of wides - always cause the bats problems with his flight and speed (Slow). Ben and Joes mates were suitably impressed when they did look up on the odd ocassion.

I don't know why and I was surprised to see it but Ben and Joe did seem to be okay about batting with each other, but it all went very wrong. Joe was on strike and hit the ball straight down the ground and shouted yes on a risky run - but having put the ball straight he could see that mid on was going for it and thought that it was him that was running the greatest risk, but rather than throw it at the stumps side on or to the bowler, he did the right thing and got it back to the keeper and Ben having been slow out of his ground was run-out. He wasn't impressed - in fact he was exceptionally upset. I consoled him and pointed out that it was probably a good idea that they work together in practice to get a good batting partnership going, but he wasn't particuarly interested in my suggestion.

Once back having seen the cricket the other 2 boys were up for a bit of a knock about in the paddock so we had a quick game working on buidling partnerships. The other 2 kids weren't that good - but a good insight into the endemic state of unfitness our kids are in these days. Both of them having thrown a few balls were whinging that they had aching and sore arms.......

Once they'd all packed up I dragged the roller over to the paddock and gave it a roll. Yesterday, what with it being so wet it looked a bit rough and vulnerable to damage, buy just the little bit of sun today and warmth has made it look sound again once I'd rolled it. I was looking at how good it was looking back in October and I'm wondering that playing on it so early we may actually damage it? I need to see growth - new growth sprouting, as that'll give me an excuse to stay off it for a month or so. Let's hope this week we'll see some evidence of growth?,-4.064941&sspn=18.461747,67.543945&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Basildon,+Essex+SS16+5UE,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.565157,0.42625&spn=0,359.998969&t=h&z=21&layer=c&cbll=51.565157,0.42625&panoid=qgmCrTXfo0rss4wyLgmRUQ&cbp=12,23.26,,0,-1.32

So, what with my bad calf muscle/heel I'm off for a stretch - oh one last thing.......I've just booked 8 hours of coaching with Terry Jenner, I'm just waiting now for his reply to see if I've got a place. How good is that!!! I'll let you know if I'm successful.