Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wo Hoo! Springs is here!

I've just updated my Leg Break blog with an improved version of the Drift article -

Despite the forecast it hasn't rained yet meaning we've had a couple of weeks now of no rain and that means the Paddock is drying out rapidly, in fact too rapidly because the wicket is developing little cracks in the surface. What it does mean though is that it's now drying to the point where you can bowl on it. So tonight, son No.1 having got his first set of cricket shoes through the post wanted to give them a run out and despite the fact that the sky was grey and overcast we were able to get over to the paddock.

So tonight we had 20 minutes of bowling and batting before it did get too dark. The good news is here in the UK the clocks change to BST the weekend after next, so by the time the Easter Break is over we should be looking at the potential of having our tea around 6.00 - 6.30 and then probably get out on the Paddock for an hour perhaps.

What with it being dry though, the grass seed that was sown doesn't look as though it's going to be growing in the next couple of days. Maybe it will rain tonight and that might trigger it? If not, it looks as though we'll end up with a grassless wicket? On the subject of the grass what with it being 16 degrees today and warmer than 4 degrees at night it's growing 24-7 and it was noticeable tonight on the wicket, so potentially rather than rolling the wicket this weekend we might even mow it!!!