Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back yard cricket

Had a knock about yesterday as you may have read in the previous blog and I need to post up the bowling outcomes. I've backed-off with the insistence that we keep practicing all through the winter and we've started to play Badminton instead after a discussion about over-kill on one of the forums. So at the minute there's very little cricket going on with my lads and yesterday was the first time we'd picked up bats on balls for 2 weeks. Me - I still flick the ball and get outside and spin the ball up against walls and bowl whenever I get a chance.

Here's the running total -
Here's some shots of Ben and joe looking a bit knackered after and hour and half of Badmintion. They (especially Ben) would say that they like Badminton more than cricket, but I'm hoping that's just because of the novelty factor. The badminton is on-going for the forsee-able future and I can't see that the weather will offer any encouragement for cricket so I'm quite happy that the Badminton carries on and the cricket fades away a bit, meaning that when winter nets resumes they'll be up for it. My only worry is that not practicing, they may be disappointed with their performance when they come back to it?