Sunday, November 07, 2010

Backyard Cricket and knockabouts

Had a knock about yesterday over at the Rec in the disused tennis courts. Some of the others couldn't join us so there was only Ben, Joe and I and we took the camera along and video'd the action. Again as usual as far as the bowling was concerned Ben was the pick of the bunch taking the most wickets, but Joe was pretty close this week as well with 3 wickets compared to Ben's 4.

Hopefully the resulting clips which have been edited and uploaded to youtube will serve as an example of how not to bat to my younger son Joe! Have a look and you'll see what I mean

So yesterdays knock about puts Ben miles in the lead with 10 wickets. No-one was focusing on their batting, as you may have seen on the video, Joe is still trying his approach where he walks across his stumps to the off-side so that he can hit the ball legside. He just doesn't account for the fact that if the ball is bowled straight he has an increased chance of it hitting the stumps. Maybe next week I'll bowl straight at him and try and prove the point?