Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paddock News

I haven't said a lot about the paddock of late, but a week or so it was looking in very good condition, with that expensive grass that I'd invested in with the nutrients mixed in with the seed doing very well. The growth is thick and lush and looks as though it's very well established and in a very short period of time. Today though we had some snow, in fact we had a lot of snow considering it's only November, more than the 1980's when we used to get snow quite a bit, but this was good quality snow and lots of it.
With the quality of the snow being so good we went for Igloo MK2 and had a go at improving on the previous version from last January. We didn't get it finished, but we'll be back on it again with Mk3 and we've got plans in place for a more successful outcome.