Monday, January 31, 2011

First Net session at B&PCC

Now that's what you call a net session 7.30 - 9.30 2 hours and plenty of bowling and a bit of bat as well! They've got some sorting to do with the mats as mentioned yesterday, but they've got their blokes on the case and word is by this Sunday they'll have mats for all three nets with an option to use the plastic balls in the outside runs. But tonight with only the two mats that are on site, some of us (The Older blokes) and some new blokes used plastic balls in the mat-less nets.

Overall though I was pretty disappointed with my bowling, but I am going to offer a bunch of excuses.... The slippery floor. As far as I'm concerned there has got to be some resistance on the pivot foot as you go through your bowling action. You've only got to look at how much damage you do when you're bowling on grass to realise that there some resistance and this resistance is crucial when your bowl. So as a result and this used to happen years ago when I used to practice here before you can't get the ball to spin. Despite that though it was turning a bit by rolling the ball off the fingers rather than flicking the ball. I've got to admit I was hoping to be flicking the ball tonight but for some reason it wasn't happening, so I am going to have to resort to bowling on concrete as soon as possible in order start flicking. But I'm dead certain that in order to flick and generate all the power through all the levers you have to have a good solid base and that means not sliding. Maybe I need to take a rubber car mat and put it down at the bowling end?