Sunday, January 09, 2011

Now for something slightly different

Still on the theme of cricket though........ I've laways had a bit of an knack for drawing and years ago I used to paint a bit, so after more than 30 years of not picking up a paint brush and becoming a photographer I've had a go at the painting. To be honest digital photography technology means that anyone over the age of about 3 can take a pciture that is virtually fit for publishing and as a result fees for photography have gone down and down with the exception of situations where hard nosed business men set up 'Portrait Photography studio's' and rip people off. The art and craft of the photographer is now almost dead and so I'm kind of reverting to something that still has a bit of art and craft to it.

I've used acrylics which isn't something I've ever used before and have had to learn as I go along and the whole process is one of learning as at every step this is all totally new to me, but here's the efforts so far.....

First stage - the drawing. It's not finished as one of the eyes is completely wrong, but I'll return to that later. The thing I felt I needed to do at this stage was get some paint going and see how I'd get on with that aspect of it.

I under-painted the white site screen and I'm following a theory that it's better to do the background first.

The shadow in between the bars of the sight screen have a green tinge (reflectancy of the grass in front of them, but at this stage this looked too green!

I've over-painted that green here and started to work on the shadows now..............

And this is where I am now. I'm going to straighten up the lines on the sight screens - over paint the mistake at the bottom where I painted over the jumper and focus on the panels of the screen where they're directly in the light.

12th Jan

This is gone on now several stages and lots of hours and I reckon I'm pretty much done with painting the sight screen. Here's some of the stages over the last couple of days. I've been spending hours correcting and then re-correcting the planks and the shadows between the planks. All the time I'm learning what works and what doesn't. Tonight having painted the shadow beneath the screen and the wheels last night and pondering whether the white of the screens was too-white, I concluded they were and have over-painted all the bright white panels with a grey wash to tone them down.

At the stage below I've reduced the impact of the shadows and reduced the contrast of the image overall. The galvanised steel at the bottom of the screen has started to come together and the grass is pretty much as I want it.