Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ben to represent his school

Ben to represent his school cricket team (Brentwood County High School).

Here’s one of those scenarios where all the practice pays off. At Ben’s school (My older son) they’re into the Spring/Summer term now and they’ve moved from playing Rugby in PE to cricket and yesterday they had their first net session indoors. Somewhat surprisingly they started off with real balls, so Ben was champing at the bit to show his mates what he’s made of. Some of the kids that he goes to school with play a bit of cricket and no doubt there would have been a little bit of banter between them, some bravo…. “I’ll smack your bowling all over the park”, that kind of thing. Ben got to bowl 6 balls he said and all of them were on the money, the kid that is theoretically his rival in the ‘I’m better than you at cricket’ faced Ben’s bowling and Ben bounced one on him – a short delivery which hit the kids helmet and knocked it off his head! Next ball he hit the Off-stump just clipping the bails and another kid was scared of facing him and stepped away from the stumps rather than put bat to ball or block it with his body. His PE teacher commented ‘Blimey’!

So Ben’s been selected for the cricket trials and he’s doing that after school before his Training with B&PCC on Tuesday night. Ben in his usual style played it cool and seemed non-plussed by the whole thing.