Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bowling action in development

New bowling action; Here's a sequence of images showing the bowling action that I'm currently working with. It's not unusual at all, in fact it's pretty normal, but being self taught, I started out with an un-conventional movement through the crease and learned to bowl with this action which many people commented was detrimental to aspects of my bowling. So since last September I've been working to bowl with a proper dynamic bound and bit by bit this is coming together with the help of people on

There's definitely some work to do still and the aspect that I've observed which is evident in these images is that the back foot which pushes the weight forwards on to the rotation foot, then kicks up and around and is the leading foot into the follow through - still swings round more than 180 degrees.

The images below are an approximation of my footfall during the 'Explosion through the crease' aspect of the bowling action. The mantra of many people - Philpott, Warne, Jenner et al is that you keep the body going straight directing the energy fowards at the batsman, which then would suggest that this diagram below would probably be the optimum bowling action as the feet follow a straight line towards the batsman. The only potential issue is the position and angle of foot R1. Coming out of the bound I plant my foot as sideways as I can get it, as this put my body into a side on position ready to rotate around the pivot foot L2. In the diagram L2 is pointing forwards, but as R1 is kicked up in the rotation, foot L2 (Pivoting) twists on the ball of the foot see images below (To be continued).

and Youtube.