Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All blogged out

I'm getting all blogged out at the minute with too much to do and I'm not able to keep up with the posts, especially as now Ben and Joe play in 2 different age groups and at the weekend with my match there's 3 games to report on! So for the moment it's going to have to be a quick report on what happened. I also told a bloke at cricket tonight that I'd upload the score sheets from the U11's as soon as I could, but it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to do that tonight either.

Things to report in brief..........

Sunday - Ben in the U13's match bowled okay, some of the other lads Harrison Morris in particular bowled nothing short of spectacularly clinching the game for them in the last over with a hat trick. This was against Stanford Le Hope.

Meanwhile Joe at home in the Under 11's had the job of being the skipper for his team for the first time and by all accounts did well clinching an easy win against my old team Thurrock. Joe himself took a wicket and when I get my arse in gear I'll put up the figures.

Then on Monday night Ben played in a match at his school year 7's and 8's in an inter-school team and he bowled 3-3-0-0 but was unfortunate not to get a wicket.

I played Sunday as well in a team made up of ringers and decoys all with bad legs and knees and bowled 3-0-23-0 and helped us on our way to a sound thrashing. That was against Hornchurch on the same pitch I went for nearly 11 an over at the start of last season. How bad it was is indicated tonight by Dave Ayres saying that my 5 runs was in the top 5 scores (He said higher, but I can't believe that). But on plus note I hit a four. Jody Reynolds played as a ringer and was roped in as the wicket keeper, keeping to Liam Rouses seam balls, which to be honest I wouldn't have wanted to do, but he did incredibly well stopping most of the balls using his hands and his body much of the time and toughing it out and he's only 11/12 years old! Matt Pinno 'The Spinno' caught a ball in the slips which by all accounts was something to celebrate and Dave Ayres copped a ball square on the knee off the bat going for a low catch. We were beaten by 10 wickets.