Thursday, May 05, 2011

Another year on............

Last weekend while at the U13's and U11's game the blokes at the club asked me to shoot a group picture of the kids for the club website and I did so and then suggested that while they were all there, I could do all the individual shots for their profiles page.

So tonight I've sent them over and the bloke Neil, has been up-loading them to the website, but I just caught last years images just as he removed them and posted up the new ones. I was struck by how much a difference makes in a kids life, especially my older son Ben. Have a look at the pictures. In one he's just a young boy still at primary school, with a cheeky look about him, can't take anything serious and in this new image, you can see the brooding teenager in him waiting to emerge, the sense of self awareness and the fact that he's a mean nasty fast bowler that breaks peoples bones and testicles! Such a massive difference in a year, I can't believe it.

The same contrast doesn't seem to be so evident with Joe, but there is a difference. Joe though in a few years looks as though physically he's going to catch up with Ben. We monitor their height and at the same age stages, Joe is increasingly bigger than Ben. So when Ben was Joe's age he was a good 2cm smaller and we thought that Ben was tall for his age. So watch out Ben your little brother is closing in on that height gap!