Friday, May 06, 2011

Bowling well

I was hoping to get in the Paddock this evening after work, have a bowl and video it from the front and from above. But the bloody lazy football kids were there already. These are the kids that are too lazy and unfit to play on a half size pitch just a few yards from the paddock, because it means they have to run all the time, you can see why as a nation we're so s**t at football!

So, instead I went over to The Rec and bowled on the outfield using a strip that appears to be a neglected part of the square, right on the end. 40 balls in a bucket x 5 200 balls in an hour and half and it went amazingly well. Bowled very few wides, 6-8 maybe and very few balls didn't turn. The Flippers were coming out well and the Leg Breaks had a bit of drfit and were fizzing again. Wrong Uns weren't bad either and it looks like my bowling's shaping up nicely. The only downside is that the scheduled game for Sunday has been cancelled. So, Wayne at Grays/Thurrock if you're still following the blog and you're short of players for the games on Sunday it might be worth giving me a call?

Video News
apparently, according to the technicians at work, these pro VD tape video cameras shoot in very fast frame rates, the technician was saying that in good light well in excess of 1000FPS. The recordings are made on to DV tape which then can be played back through professional editing software final cut pro and recorded in slow-motion into a digital file format for use on the internet.So that's a definite avenue I'll be looking to explore with the help of the said technician.