Sunday, July 01, 2012

B&PCC U13's v Belhus U13's

Another win for the U13's with Ben making a good contribution with the bat having been put in at No.5 and taking a wicket with his first ball. Again whether I'll get it together to write this all up or not is another matter, but I'll have a go!

Ben batted with Stevie Wyatt and initially it looked a little risky with both of them looking to go big with the bat, running the risk of being caught, but then it seemed a discussion was had in the middle and their tactics changed. The field wasn't in or out and they started to just get the bat on the ball and poke it into spaces or hit it gently, starting to just look for singles and communicate well and it worked. Ben came away with a personal best of 11 and Stevie came away with the same score and both of them "Not outs". So as batting goes a good job done by Ben and he came away quite pleased with his contribution as a No.5
With his Bowling Ben did okay taking a wicket with the first ball of his spell dismissing the opening batsman (Need to check this when I upload the pic of the scores). He bowled four overs, two at the start and the final two at the end of the game. The last over he bowled really fast - a completely different approach to one that he adopted at Pegasus a few days before. He came away with 4-1-19-1 the maiden over was the second over. His batting mate Stevie Wyatt did well too, he came away with 2-0-8-2. Frank Farrington the Wrist Spinner came away with 4-0-22-1 his only wicket being a catch at square leg taken by Finlay Munro, who'd had a couple of chances off Franks bowling and didn't quite get there. But the star of the day with regards bowlingwas Kieran Barbero who came away with 4-2-14-3. His two maidens were made up of a wicket maiden and a double wicket maiden and all of the wickets were bowled.

The more adept batsmen of the team - did well, with Frank Farrington and Mark Broadhurst scoring enough runs to have to retire. Mark did really well, as he has had up and down fortunes as a batsman in the past, but looks to have been working on his batting and he scored a lot of his runs off of 4's through square leg which the oppo didn't look to stop.

Fielding overall was good with everyone trying hard and this was a win without the usual main players being in the side. The new lads made valuable contributions and worked hard to ensure a secure win. Overall I think the coaches and the manager were well pleased as this was against a perceived strong team and our boys were a player down.