Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mullered at SLH Under 13's

The under 13's had a 6pm start game away at Stanford Le Hope, we were at Frinton leading up to the match so had to make a mad dash back and have a quick shower, throw some food down our necks and get to the game.

The weather was good though and we arrived with about 3 minutes to spare before the match started. Unfortunatley one of the lads that had practiced with us over at the Paddock on Tuesday (Oliver) hadn't been able to make it and we had to field a team of 10 which is always a massive disadvantage. I don't know who won the toss but we fielded first meaning that we'd have to bat in failing light. Ben opened with his bad toe and bowled okay. The worst thing about his bowling is the fact that for some reason he tries to bowl bouncers. Initially he has success with the first one in that the bat doesn't normally expect it and doesn't get the bat on the ball, but then follows it up with a second one and is ready for it and like today smacks it to the boundary.

They had two bats that did well and went on to score 25 each before retiring and then only 2 other added 5 each, yet they finished on 106, all the other runs were down to extras, which is pretty poor to concede 46 runs from bowling and fielding errors. But 106 was do-able it seemed. But without Frank Farrington to open the batting and get some initial runs on the board there was a little bit of work to do. It panned out that despite the SLH boys being diminutive, they took advantage of the fact that we were a bloke down and they bowled and kept well and only gave away 23 extras and bowled our lot out leaving us 14 runs short.

Ben took two wickets as did his mate Kieran, I've got vids of the bowling and some pictures and they may follow at some time in the future.

Again I'm behind with getting this finished so here's a link to the outcome of the match....