Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Joe update

No pictures as the last set that were done last Friday didn't come out too well as my camera is on its last legs and the screen didn't work so I was unable to see if the images were in focus and they weren't. Michelle took Joe to the clinic this afternoon and another little milestone was reached. The "Exit wound" no longer has any plasters or covering on it and the other two the "hole" and the "Impact wound" only have water-proof plasters and there's no bandage at all. The two remaining wounds only have small areas of open tissue left that need to seal, so hopefully by the time we visit the fracture clinic all of the wounds will sealed up, that's not this Friday but the one following.

With no bandage on the wounds this has meant that the skin surrounding the scar tissue is itchy and this evening Joe was scratching it and was able to feel his leg and its physical shape and he got a little upset. At the moment where he should be feeling smooth continuous bone along the length of the leading edge of his shin, it feels as though under the skin - remembering that the tissue surrounding the bone would have come away from the bone in this instance, this is now fresh scar tissue and feels lumpy and irregular. He didn't like this and obviously wasn't expecting it to feel like that and he got a bit teary. I asked him if he was okay and he said that he was fed up with not being able to do anything. I suppose the combination of trying to cope with the on-going boredom and lack of options to him and with the realisation that his once perfect leg is now not so perfect found a little chink in his emotional armour and he got a little bit upset. On a more positive front though - on his last day the teachers (Aware of his new lack of bandage status) have said that he can join in with a session at the school pool, so hopefully that'll come to fruition. It should be okay as it'll be after the 13th when the next set of Xrays are done and a new mile post set? I'm not going to speculate what the outcome of the 13th will be, but I do hope it is one that has some obvious visual improvement in Joes situation and one where they set him new personal objectives that indicated a definite move forwards.

On the scar tissue front...

"Debbie," 35, came to me several years ago for help with what she thought was carpal tunnel syndrome. After observing a large scar on Debbie's wrist I inquired as to its origin. When she was nine years old she had put her hand through a window chasing her brother. After working on her hand for two sessions, scars from the glass cuts were reduced visibly by about 80 percent, she obtained range of motion back in her hand/wrist and the numbness was gone".

In addition there's a load of stuff on Youtube on the subject, so overall this sounds interesting for the coming months http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vMvAJYikxo