Monday, October 22, 2007

Ebay cricket gear

September just gone I bid for and won a load of cricket stuff - bats, shoes, pads, gloves and all sorts. The lot cost me just £28 but was a collect yourself job from Loughborough near Derby. I had no intentions of going to Derby but there was a chance that either my brother, sister, mother or father - in law would be going to or from our place here in Essex or Derby. So emailed the bloke and asked 'You okay to hang on to it till someone comes by your place and collects it'? and he was okay about it.

This weekend my Bro - in law had been down for the weekend and I asked him to pick it up on his way through to Derby and he said yes. He set off and an hour or so later I rang the bloke and got no answer on his mobile phone line. I'm then thinking of worse case scenario - the bloked done a runner with my gear and when Ian gets there - the house is going to be empty. Anyway Ian gets there - I'd rang him in the meantime saying the house might be empty, but it turns out for the good. The bloke was there and handed the gear over. I've just rang Ian and said thanks for collecting and Ian's just said the blokes thrown in a load of other gear. It sounds like there's another 2 bats (making 4 one of which he'd bought last season for £180) and another pair of cricket shoes. I can't wait to see what's there and how much of a bargain I've got!

The good thing is - this makes it more possible to get a game together with the blokes over at Glouscester Park if they play next summer, I've just got to somehow get that organised. When I get the gear I'll photograph it and stick it on here - ebay and cricket gear it's the way to go. So many people start the game with no concept of how much commitment it takes to be in a team and that means that their gear ends up on ebay!