Sunday, October 28, 2007

One Man cricket club

As mentioned a couple of blogs back I've acquired more gear and I'm now in a far better position to sort a game between us and anyone else with regards equipment. Have a look at the picture. I've got enough gear to easily accomodate another team. Of the bats I now own, there's three there I've got no problem lending complete strangers, but to be honest you can pick bats up for a lot less than £30.
The only thing any opposition is going to need will be their own boxes and helmets if they feel the need to wear helmets and to be honest I'd encourage it. So the gears here - so if anyone in the Essex, Basildon area fancies taking us on but doesn't have the gear - I've got it and you can borrow it.
98% of this gear was bought on ebay at knock down prices, the majority of it for £56 that was for one set of set of stumps, all the gloves, all the pads, 5 of the bats (including the Stac, Slazenger and Fernley bats that were all around £100 each when new). The slazenger stumps were bought seperately on ebay for £25 and the balls were mostly new but again bought on ebay from India for about £2.50 per ball. If you're starting out Ebay is the way to go especially around this time of year because there's so many people looking at all the gear they bought over the season who probably played once or twice and then got a ball in the nuts or a broken rib or were just completely crap at playing and now they're looking at it and thinking it's taking up too much room and that they're not going to use it ever again. So they'll bung it on Ebay and you'll get yourself a bargain.