Thursday, October 04, 2007

Plans for the winter

Thursday, 4 October 2007

There's no hope of getting in the nets this year - not as early as we did last year and besides the majority of what was the MPA first eleven have disappeared. As previously mentioned I'm going to try and merge with the Sports Dept and form what will be a South East Essex College team with some mates involved as well. I've just got to run it past Gavin at SEEC and see what he says. The only thing is they for some reason are really adverse to playing Sunday matches and only seem to want to play 20/20 matches mid week? So to be honest the merge may not be the best idea as I'm aiming to play some 40 over matches on Sundays.So at this point I'm faced with the dilemma of who to get in the team?In the short term the other thing I'm doing is learning how to umpire and score. This turns out to be quite complex and subject to opinions and different approaches taken to different levels by different clubs.This all may be a bit of a pipe dream e.g. getting another team together, but I'll give it a go.