Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dislocated finger stops play

Gutted! Practicing tonight and I lost my footing somehow and 'Stacked it' as my kids say, I got my hands out to break the fall and plunged my little finger into the ground completely dislocating it. Virtually the same as the image here.

So I've just come back from having it reset and what have you and I'm out of action the nurse said for at least 2 weeks! Just as I was getting real results from my Leg Break!


So last night still under the influence of the local anaesthetic I made the quick entry regarding my finger half expecting to then be in pain all night and the best part of the day. It’s turned out to be as I expected a dull tender feeling rather than pain, but it’s obvious that given the choice as I have you wouldn’t want to bowl in the next few days and I certainly don’t fancy the prospects of catching a ball or diving around on the floor using my hands to break my fall, so I wont be doing much of that over the next couple of weekends. The upside of the whole thing is twofold. 1. It gives my elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) a chance to recover completely and 2. I’ve found in the past that if I come away from trying something too much I get in a rut and don’t progress. If I’m then taken away from it (Practicing) I come back to it with a fresh approach and often make massive leaps and bounds. So it’ll be good to do that and just see if it works out in practice rather than as an anecdotal observation.

Also given the extra time that I’ll now have I may also crack on with a teaching qualification that I need to get nailed over the next 5 months that currently I’m behind with and can’t face when sat at the computer at home. So there could be lots of positives.

PS the photo's not mine, I didn't have the camera with me in the hospital, but the image was spectacular on the XRAY as it was virtually the same as this but slightly more seperated, even the XRAY technician commented on how good an example it was off a dislocation and asked me again how I'd done it so well? I've got pic's of the finger more or less straight after it was done and I'll upload those in time.