Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm aware more and more that I should be watching the batsman as I field to get some sense of how good or bad they are prior to the start of my spell. One of the things I could look for is whether the batsman leaves a gaping great gap between his bat and his legs as he plays his shots. This then gives me the option of bowling a straight ball amongst a sequence of Leg Breaks turning away from the bat. The straight ball potentially squeezing through the gap? But in order to observe such things that would then mean that I'd surely have to be fielding at somewhere like Mid On or Mid Off so that I could make such observations. This then leads me to another observation. Surely if you are bowling your spell does it not make sense from that point of view and the point of view of physical economy that you'd be given one of those fielding positions in order to limit the amount of running and fielding during your spell? Does that make sense?