Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Paddock News

I had a bit of a bowl in the paddock tonight, I bowled some Top Spinning Flippers as I wasn't that happy with my accuracy on Sunday, although saying that I bowled a few of these and after 2 initial bad ones the others were okay and I didn't get hit to the boundary with them either. I was disappointed in the match as the first one was very wayward when normally I can pull these out of the hat and bowl em fast and on a line with swing and they break like a Wrong Un, but that didn't happen on Sunday. Anyway I had a little pratice and bowled a couple of the Big Leg Break and they went well along with the TS Flipper.

Other than that I had a scrape around with the rake on the wicket area, put down some top soil and watered it in. Just looking for some decent amounts of rain now so that I can put down a lot of top soil and get the roller on it and some grass seed.

My Father in Law came round tonight and says he's got a bit of nylon rope to use with our nets, so perhaps we'll get that going if it stays dry and try it out in the next week or so in between repairs. I'm also waiting for a series of still days to shoot some video clips to use in conjunction with some of my other blogs. I may have to consider shooting these indoors and I might ask the girl at work who's got access to a camera that shoots digital video footage at some ridiculous rate of a 1000 frames a second or something and try and film the ball being released from the hand in all my deliveries. I have asked before and she wasn't up for it, but I'll try again as it would be so useful to see what happens in ultra detailed slo-mo.