Saturday, January 09, 2010

And still more snow................

It's snowed again today and over-night. Went out with the kids and took some pictures of the Rec in the snow - this is where we play cricket and Ben and Joes team play during the summer on the odd occassion. We went over to the Valence Way wicket as well in the afternoon and built an igloo. Some of the 'Estate Boys' were on the field as well and they said they'd have a game of cricket in the snow tomorrow, so if they're up for it tomorrow I may do that with them. In building the igloo I did start clearing a wicket ready for the cricket. Here's some pictures and you'll noticed that I've figured out how to format the blog so the images stay over to one side instead of down the middle as they have been for the last year or so!

This is the Rec Langdon Hills looking from the North West corner near Forest Glade across the Cricket Pitch towards the top of the hill.

Joe, Ben and I at the start of the igloo construction.

The image here is the old tennis courts where we practice these days. The final image is Ben and the completed igloo/snow teepee!