Sunday, January 17, 2010

Plantar faciitis update

I've been stretching and exercising my calf muscle to see if that offers any relief. That does seem to be working slowly. I now do stretches before doing any exercises and today I've been out with my kids playing cricket on the Tennis Courts today and I did warm up stretches before and a warm down after. Right now 1/2 hour later, it feels okay but the evidence of whether you've been affected by the exercise comes the following morning when you wake up and first get out of bed as that's when you get the 'Stone bruise' heel effect. So I'll have to wait till then to see if the warm ups and downs have made any difference. If they haven't and I have to walk around with the pain I'll then be making it worse Monday night as I'll be in the nets for a couple of hours. So Tuesday morning I might be in a right mess? If so I'm going to have to go and see someone for some professional advice.

Other than that I bowled a few promising wrong uns against the kids pitched up well and pitching wide of off-stump but still turning so much that they were then missing Leg Stump, so my big Wrong un is still there.