Sunday, January 03, 2010

Plantar Fasciitis

Some good news on this front... Having consulted with you tube and Liz ward on the Big Cricket forum I came up with a short term experiment based on some advice that Liz had recommended in the summer that had worked. It seems that the condition is related closley to having poor muscle flexibility in the calf and I then remebered that in the summer Liz had said to warm up prior to games and warm down and the condition Plantar Fasciitis (Sore heel) shouldn't be half as bad. So yesterday my boys and I (And Michelle) went out over to The Rec and played Backyard Pair 25's. So before going out I did some warm ups. Incidentally the day before I'd started to do calf muscle and foot stretching exercises and had got up yesterday morning free of pain. Anyway did more stretching before the game, played cricket then did warm down exercises and do you know what it worked.

This morning I've got up and it's been pain free, just a sense that the muscles in my feet are aching, but not pain - so that's good. So from now on over the next couple of months I'll keep that up as well and see how it goes over the next few weeks. The first big test will be Jan 11th when I'll have a 2 hour net session. I'll warm up and warm down and see how it goes.