Thursday, January 21, 2010

Funny Blog and other stuff 17133

Just came across this blog via one of the blokes blogs on big cricket. This bloke has been trying to score his century for 20 years, his girlfriends intro is hilarious, but his blog is primarily video's and he then narrates them after the game and uploads it, it's genius!

This Sunday my boys start their net sessions at Rayleigh. At the end of the summer and over the couple of games they played indoors, their team manager said that Ben needs to get himself a forward defensive block for Christmas. Well I've been trying but he takes very little notice of me and he still swings at the ball even when he claims to be really focusing on a block. We'll have to see how it goes. Since last summer their bowling has changed, Ben seems to have slowed down and now seems interested in bowling Leg Breaks and Joe seems to bowl faster and has given up on bowling leg-breaks.

The weather here in the UK has warmed up a bit, there's blobs of snow here and there and loads up North still where it's cold. We're due a load of rain in the next day or so, so the paddock will still be spongy and soft and rollable if need be. I've not had a look at it for a while after the depressing dog damage. I'm waiting for the weather to warm up a bit - a run of nights where the temperature stays above 4 degrees is supposedly what would trigger more growth. I'll try and have a look at the weekend and see how it's looking and maybe take some photo's if it looks different in any way. The good news is that it's so soggy and went over there it's unlikely to sustain any damage.