Saturday, September 03, 2011

Another 'Not out'.

Played today in the 3rd XI's. I'm going to try and keep this short as I've mashed my finger fielding (Stabbed it into the ground) and it's making typing difficult. The game was away at Buckhurst Hill on the borders of Essex where it meets London. We didn't have to win or do anything special as we've secured a place in the same league next year, whereas the Buckhurst Hill blokes needed to win in order to move up to a higher league and by the end of the game they proved themselves to be more than worthy of it.


I batted at No.10 again with Neil Williams batting at 11. Initially I was batting with Dan Vanderputt, who had been hanging around for quite some time and was probably the best of our bats, but with him looking to strike the ball and make runs off of good balls he was eventually bowled. At the point that Neil joined the party they'd brought on an Off-spinner while I was on strike and miraculously I was able to see off about three balls and forced a couple of byes as well. I then faced the quick bowler and blocked him out for an over scoring no runs leaving Neil to face the Off-Spinner, Neil got him away for a boundary flicking it over Gully, but then perished either the next or third ball looking to strike it and get some runs.

So, that was another 'Not out' this time a 2 - not out