Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Field modifications by Chaz Adams

Again another field. This time, this is the one that has been set by the captain and me when I've played this year, but slightly modified as per the recommendations of Chaz Adams on the forum. His suggestion was that the field here be modified...........

Touching on this very briefly as I have a busy day today. I'd move the point to backward point, this is also a wicket taking position in many competitions if batters are hitting against the turn. And move the deep backward point to a sweeping cover. The Deep square leg should be in front of square. I would also suggest that the fine leg be moved into the circle and placed on the 45 degrees to save one, also again a catcher from sweep shots.

This then gives us a slightly different field which makes sense. The only thing is, as more experienced players will know, the field in part is set keeping in mind who you've got available to you - so it's not at all clear cut. One of the points that Chaz has made is that the bloke at Fine Leg should be brought up closer? I've thought this through a bit and initially I was sceptical - thinking that I don't ever intend on bowling legside and if I make a mistake and the ball does go legside, it's likely to go over the top of the bloke if he's in closer and that I'd rather the bloke run in off the boundary having more time to have a look at it and ensure that it only ever goes for two. Add to this that I don't play first or second team cricket, so it's unlikely there's going to be anyone that is super athletic in that position so having him on the boundary seemed to make sense? But then thinking it through, balls that do end up there are often inside edges or mis-hits where the batsman is trying to get the ball there and they rarely go all the way, so a bloke there half way or closer may be a better idea and is more threatening too?

I would also mention, that once I'm settled and if I've managed to gain ascendancy over the batsman I then bring up the mid on and mid off to at least half way. This was something I picked up off of G-Man.

Another point is that in the last couple of games I did lose runs to balls out to the deep cover point area and the bloke that was originally at 3rd man had to cover a lot of ground to get to the ball, so bringing him round to either deep cover or deep cover point seems like a good idea too.