Thursday, September 01, 2011

Getting Wickets

I'm always wary about doing this - blowing my own trumpet or claiming that I've made some kind of magical break-through, but...... The last couple of practices and the last match I played in have looked promising, the slight adjustments and the suggestions that have been made over at seem to have produced very positive outcomes. I was going to say that the key outcome is that I'm getting the ball on target again after months of being very wayward, but its more than that. As well as the accuracy in the last couple of weeks I've cracked the whole speed, dip, spin and turn off the wicket combination and now I'm getting line and length chucked in for good measure, so at the moment I'm in a good place. All I need now is access to a couple of high speed video cameras and I'll update my youtube vids, but what with it now Sept 1st it's looking increasingly unlikely that I'm going to get this together yet again which is a shame.