Monday, June 25, 2012

B&PCC v Pegasus U15's away

My older son Ben (13) was offered a game in the U15's mid-week and I volunteered him against his will. Given the choice he'd have sat indoors all night on one of this summers rare sunny and warm evenings and played Minecraft rather than go and have a game of cricket. As a parent there's a balance to be had and with your kids you have to make decisions for them that are in their favour and this was one of them...

So having asked my Guvnor if I could slope off early I was home at 4.45 and raring to go and Ben somewhat predictably was huffing and puffing saying stuff like "Do I really have to go"?

Five thirty and we was there having got slightly lost. I'd never been there before, a mate of mine Keith West used to play for Pegasus and always had good things to say about the club and the venue and sure enough he was right it is a pretty spectacular looking place. Lovely grounds and pitches and big modern and new clubhouse, so going on the basis of how big the place was it looked like we might have a bit of a battle here, especially if our U15's are having to bring in lads like Ben to make up the numbers (Ben plays in the U13's). But here he was and he was glad to see a few faces of the lads that were in last years U13's squad that have now moved up.

G-Man was there going through a few drills and got Ben involved and Ben soon seemed to slot in okay and the rest of the lads made him welcome and then once they got down to a few bowling drills I reckon he sealed his place in the team on merit. Meanwhile the opposition were over in the outfield practicing that other game - the one that we're crap at... Football. Perhaps aware that we're a small club and therefore assuming with such a small pool of talent to choose from we'd be a push over? It panned out that they'd bat first - possibly aware that even if we did bowl them out cheaply on their home ground, our lads would have to bat in diminishing and very poor light... The scene was set.

Their openers looked a bit handy, adopting a sensible looking approach - very workman-like, only looking to put away loose balls and threading them through the field and making senisble runs backed up with good communication, but our bowling looked to be matching their batting

Videos of the bowling can be seen via these links....

Ben's first over -
This evening blogging and mucking about on the computer I've made a couple of discoveries which are pretty useful. I've got a video editing program which enables me to upload straight from the program to Youtube and it reduces the videos to a usable size and does it quite quickly and just this moment I've discover that the 'On-board' version of paint in windows 7 which I'm not a big fan of enables the easy reduction of large image files, albeit one by one as far as I can make out, but these are things I've been without now for months, so hopefully my blogging will increase now!