Friday, June 08, 2012

Joe update

I've not posted any images of Joe's injuries of late and not seen them myself since I did the wounds myself last Monday. But the progress looks very good as you can see in the images below. The second one down which also appears in the 3rd image down is 'The hole' and has improved amazingly in the last week or two. It does though, look as though once it's healed will leave a dent in his leg, which we were told about, but at the minute with the healing still happening the leg is often quite swollen and the dent affect may look a lot less dramatic once Joes leg returns to normal muscle mass and fitness.

Other news that I don't think I've mentioned before is that the titanium pins will be coming out. At the minute with the improved mobility one of them which is only just below the surface of the skin is rubbing against the flesh/skin inside Joes leg, which causes some discomfort.

With regards putting weight on the leg, Joe's doing this only lightly, I've been trying to encourage him to use one crutch as that would mean that he has to put a little more weight on his bad leg, but as yet he's not bought into that idea at all. But overall he's doing well, he's even been playing cricket outside the house with me standing up with a chair behind him in case he over-balances.