Friday, June 15, 2012

Joes progress June 15th

Update on Joes leg; Today saw a bit of a milestone in that the 'Exit' wound was deemed to be so well healed that it hasn't had any dressing put on it today and is now only covered by bandage. I spoke to the nurse about the idea that we might start putting Aloe Vera on the scar with the hope that it may help reduce the visual impact of the scar and she was in agreement. So we'll leave it a while and I'll speak to her again on Monday.

Rather incredibly it looks as though the next to reach the 'No dressing' stage will be the 'Hole' wound that has gone through an incredible transformation. Click here to see what it was like when we first got to see it around April 22nd. The incident happened on April 6th. 
The leg with 'Exit' and 'Hole' Wound
The 'Hole'
'Exit' wound

The 'Impact' wound, (Above) which seemingly is the most superfiical is the one that is in the worst state simply because this was hidden beneath the plater cast for several weeks before it was revealed. This one once the scab is off will heal up very fast we're told, but it's proving to be a tough old scab and the last bit is still very well attached.

Other developments in the week have included Joe now getting up the stairs using his crutches standing up. He also moves around without the crutches holding on to furniture. Overall he's doing well and is in good spirits. He's missing out on things - I would say cricket, but as we're in what's beginning to look like the worst ever start to a summer in the last 50 years or so, there hasn't been much cricket -  practice or matches! But on Monday he was due to go to Chessington World of adventures with all his mates, but obviously can't go, so I'm going to have to stay at home and look after him on Monday.