Friday, June 22, 2012

Joe Update

Crap weather, Joe out of action and not much cricket for any of us (It's raining now) so there's not a lot of stuff to write about, I'm even contemplating a new blog that is less cricket focussed? Anyway - here's the main thing in my life once again - Joe's progress. We've had a development in his treatment today, the wounds as you can see below have now reached a stage where they'll only need to be treated twice a week and I reckon that'll be Tuesday and Friday. Michelle will do the Tuesday stint and I'll do Friday.
Above - The 'Impact' wound

Bone 'Exit' wound and entry scar for the operation

'The hole'
'The hole'
Wide shot to get some sense of perspective.

The next Fracture clinic visit is 21 days away on Friday 13th July not that distant from the start of the school holidays, so we're hoping that the air boot comes off then and that the broken bones look a lot knitted together and that Joe will only have the crutches? I should have kept a very detailed diary of all the things that he's missed out on, but obvious and easily quantified things include every single cricket match and training event at cricket, which in the longer term could potentially lead to him giving the sport up because when he resumes next season he may feel that he's disadvantaged in that he's been left behind ability-wise as all his team mates and progressed well. The same with Karate, he's missing all of his Karate sessions and missing out on gradings, this means he'll probably be 2 or 3 belts behind where he should have been and this might quash his enthusiasm for the sport again. I'm sure it wont, Joe loves sport and if it wasn't for the incident he'd have probably started to play football this year with a local team that many of his mates go to, again this aspiration will have to be put on hold as his bones fix. We're not expecting the consultant to say that he can kick a ball with venom till Feb or March maybe later in 2013.

He's missed out on several school activities and events - the annual 4th year trip away which he was really looking forward to, which was one of those activity events. He's not going to be able to engage fully with the school dance festival which is a leavers event and Joe loves dancing and singing and would have loved to have been an integral if not major part of that. We're not going to be able to have our annual surfing holiday in Cornwall, so that'll thwart Joe's surfing development too. So it's basically a lost summer for Joe where all the normal things that he'd do as part of his growing up process are all being held back a whole year, which isn't a good thing at his age and especially when he's a July born child meaning that he's potentially disadvantaged academically and developmentally simple because of the time of the year he was born and this incident may well impact on the potential for Joe to cope with that?