Monday, May 05, 2014

El Capitano No.004 - 5 days to go

I've played two games now prior to the coming weekend, two games where I may have been the captain and it's turned out that the fixture has changed for one reason or another and I've just ended up being one of the players, so I'm still yet to lead a team out as the captain.

The first league game is this weekend at home to Billericay. I just need to brush up on some of my umpiring and practice a little more of the scoring and also get my head round the score book that we use at the club as it's laid out differently to the book I use. I was quite pleased to note that the 3rd XI team we played against this weekend were pretty inept at umpiring and yet no-one seemed fussed, but then again it wasn't a league game - or is it that I'm too conscientious when it comes to these things?

At this point I've got two main concerns...
No.1 - Do I have a tea-lady/bloke?
No.2 - Will I have eleven players?

It looks as though I will be playing with everybody that is left over and I kind of get the impression it's going to be tough to win a game, but we'll have to see, it may be the same for the teams we're playing against? I've got some decent bowlers if they're not moved up into the 3rds, but I have been told this might happen. At this point it's all speculation, no-one quite knows what's going to happen until this Saturday, so more of a clearer picture will emerge on Wednesday when the teams are selected.

Sat 10 May 2014Billericay 4th XIHome (Langdon Hills) 13:00Essex League
Sat 17 May 2014Loughton 5th XIAway13:00Essex League
Sat 24 May 2014Stanford le Hope 4th XIHome (Langdon Hills) 13:00Essex League
Sat 31 May 2014Harlow Town 4th XIAway13:00Essex League
Sat 07 Jun 2014Old Southendians & Southchurch 4th XIHome (Langdon Hills) 13:00Essex League
Sat 14 Jun 2014Upminster 6th XIAway13:00Essex League
Sat 21 Jun 2014Epping 3rd XIHome (Langdon Hills) 13:00Essex League
Sat 28 Jun 2014Billericay 4th XIAway13:00Essex League
Sat 05 Jul 2014Hainault & Clayhall 5th XIHome (Langdon Hills) 13:00Essex League
Sat 12 Jul 2014Belhus 4th XIAway13:00Essex League
Sat 19 Jul 2014Harlow Town 4th XIHome (Langdon Hills) 13:00Essex League
Sat 26 Jul 2014Old Southendians & Southchurch 4th XIAway13:00Essex League
Sat 02 Aug 2014Loughton 5th XIHome (Mopsies) 13:00Essex League
Sat 09 Aug 2014Stanford le Hope 4th XIAway13:00Essex League
Sat 16 Aug 2014Belhus 4th XIHome (Langdon Hills) 13:00Essex League
Sat 23 Aug 2014Hainault & Clayhall 5th XIAway13:00Essex League
Sat 30 Aug 2014Epping 3rd XIAway13:00Essex League
Sat 06 Sep 2014Upminster 6th XIHome (Langdon Hills) 13:00Essex League