Tuesday, May 06, 2014

El Capitano No.005 here we go!

So, on the club website a team has been selected and I'm happy to report I have at this point 10 players + AN other. At the moment I'm being inundated with emails and messages from friends on social media who have played alongside me in other teams offering players! I've also got a couple of blokes at work and other friends on Facebook who if asked might step in, so at this moment from this perspective of being a total noob at this, it's looking do-able?

On the website including Ben and me, four players have indicated that they're available. Tomorrow night is adult practice, so I may be able to catch up with some of the un-ticked players and find out what the situation is? Some of the names on the list I thought had retired from the game, so that's interesting and I'll have to look into that and see if they've become un-retired?

1 :  Lee Dutton
2 :  Jamie Britton
3 :  Gary Savage
4 :  Gopal Viswanathan
5 :  Stuart Munday
6 :  Tony Harms
7 :  Kieran Barbero
8 :  Robert Wakefield
9 :  Ben Thompson
10 :  Dave Thompson
11 :  A.N. Other

It's all very exciting! One of the things I need to do is check out the tea lady situation and what happens if it rains. I've been baffled in the past when we've played in games that have been threatened by rain and then it has rained after initially spitting. Then we've had to wait 2-3 hours for the pitch to dry out when all that was needed was a cheap sheet of light-weight plastic to make a simple pitch cover? Why don't they do that and have it in the kit box in the club? Other questions I need to ask include - at what point due to a lack of players do we call a match off? I think we once played with 8 aside last year and I've certainly played in 9 aside teams!

More updates and thoughts tomorrow...

Despite what the BBC weather is saying XC Weather indicates that the prospect for the weekend looks good... http://www.xcweather.co.uk/forecast/ss16_5ue