Wednesday, May 07, 2014

El Capitano No.006

No tea Lady/Bloke!!!

3 Days to go and things are falling into place. At nets tonight I met some of the players in my team - a few new blokes and put a few names to faces. It looks as though I'm waiting on two players to be confirmed and I know one of my bowlers has dropped out, so he needs to be replaced. But I've got a couple of players in the wings waiting for the nod, one of whom is an ex Grays player who I'd like to see in the team, so fingers crossed that might come together.

The make-up of the team is very bowling-centric, but one of the blokes who I'm not familiar with is apparently a good all-rounder and new to the team, so hopefully he'll be there on Saturday and not get nabbed to play in the other teams? I'm just waiting now to find out what the procedure is on Saturday morning - keys, medical kits, score-books, league rules and all that. One thing that hasn't been resolved is the Tea Lady, but Dave Ayers has said that if it comes to it, he'll do it, so I may have a tea bloke!David Ayres Member profile