Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dave The ECB bloke says......

Dave,Loads for me to go on there. I have already done a keeper/spinner post for you to look at so enjoy.I don't know too much about county coaching schemes so I'm not a lot of help there, but plan be might be to contact the ECB Cricket Development Officer for your county as they will be able to put you in touch with local coaches who may even just volunteer their time. It's worth a stab. The details are here:,68,BP.htmlI'm no eg spin expert but Terry Jenner is always saying you should be able to bowl a stock leg break every time before even attempting variations. I suppose the theory is to master the basic skill then develop it rather than try and learn several difficult skills all at once.Finally, is there any chance you could get me a video of the bowler in question? I can take a look then.Thanks for the email!DavidDAVID THOMPSON wrote:
Hello Dave

It's Dave at I saw your request for direct requests. Obviously my thing is leg spin bowling and things related to that. So if you've got anything around that as a subject that'll be good. Saying that though even though I'm not actually the captain, stuff on captaincy is useful as is wicket keepers, reason being from my perspective they're the players I work most closely with.

Another thing that I'm just about to put in my blog and one that you touched on recently I seem to recall - coaching. Today at work some of the blokes had been looking at the BBC skills links on their cricket page and mentioned that having seen the stuff on there were phased at the complexity and intricacy of bowling (This was two of our fast bowlers) they then went on to say that coaching would be the ultimate answer and I kind of joked that maybe we'd get someone in for a bowling coaching session and they then said "Yeah - that'll be good and then they can really let us know how crap we are". But joking aside I seem to remember at some point trawling around websites and coming across coaching sessions offered by county cricket clubs. What do you know - is there anything you can tell us that might help with this (Cheap being a key feature as we're only a newbies at this)?

Back to other requests.... anything about bowling Flippers, Googlies, over-spinners and leg spin and how you might train and not get all these mixed up. I've heard Terry Jenner talk about practicing Googlies to the point where you start to lose your leg spin and this is something that's happening to me (I think I need a coach as well)!

Another one of our lot who's a potential fast bowler and can make the ball swing in the air massively has a problem with his action, we all agree that it looks really wrong and we're sort of flummoxed as to what we can do to help him - any suggestions?