Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dave The Leg Spinner says....

I like the suggestion here made by the other Dave ( that we should video some of us bowling and doing the stuff. I think it'd be interesting for Thomas to see how he bowls and I know Simon wants to do the same with his and I wouldn't mind seeing what mine looks like too! Maybe if none of us own a video camera we could borrow one from the college (Badger you could sort this out it's your dept) I've got a tripod and we'll film the action. The 'MPA Barmy army' can convert it to DVD and either send it to the other Dave for him to look at and comment on, or convert it to an MPEG and post it on here?

I like the sounds of this! Today I spoke to 'Conan' and he didn't have a clue and has no interest in cricket at all. I also spoke to Dean Wells as well and as yet they've not had any net practice at all. So we're way in front. I reckon if we keep on as we are it's going to be a whitewash and another tactic we can emply just before the first match, is to direct them to this blog so that they can then see how much preparation has gone into getting ready for the series. I'm gutted that they're steering it towards being a 20/20 series. I'm pressing for it to be best of 3 with the final match being an all dayer, so if it's a draw after 2 matches we may have the an advantage in the longer match (50 overs)?