Wednesday, February 21, 2007

News 21st Feb

Several bits of news.


The dates have almost universally been agreed as being okay. An email has gone out to Welstead Gardens for confirmation that we can have the dates that we've proposed. I've sent the dates to Dean Wells and Gavin Etheridge so hopefully I'll get the nod from them soon. If we get a response from them soon we'll then go public, start a publicity campaign and make everyone in the college aware of the fact that this is happening and invite other teams to form their own teams.


Tony Sweeney has offered to umpire some of the games if not all of them. I was concerned that Sports Science may object but he reckons Dean Wells will be okay with the arrangement.


Richard Stainsbury's wife has spoken to the Seevic team today who have shown an interest in playing us before and I'm hoping that we may be able to sort out an away match or two with them?


I've also got mole within the sports science team who will soon start feeding us some inside info . So we may be able to get a better perspective on how they see us as opposition and what they're doing in the way of preparation. Watch this space.