Monday, February 19, 2007

Update on New Recruits

Alex has drawn a blank with his mate with regards to him making up the numbers on Sundays, but he has said he'd be up for playing the matches and coming along to the after Net sessions once the weather allows us to get out in the field. He has commitments on Staurday right up to 12.00, but then can meet us about 2pm over on Great Berry Playing Field where we'll be practicing after the nets later in the season.

Now we're down to Simon's mate and and Rod's mate to make up the numbers. I'll try and get my mate Mark to come along to as many sessions as possible too. I'll also see if Carl is interested (We use his bats) or the other option will be to put out a general request for players, umpires and even teams within the college?

Try this for size...