Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update Feb 28th

The June 22nd match hasn’t been confirmed by Sports Science as yet, so if they can’t make that one we’ll try and get another team, maybe the London team who it sounds will thrash us, but I wont mind that so much? Maybe this could be offered to the SEEVIC team by Richard?
* Richard the email addresses for the Aussies and Kiwis would be useful and the same with Thomas if you can get me the London Teams contact name and email address I can deal with these people direct.

May 20th Friday - Kiwis & Aussies (CONFIRMED)
5.00 pm start 20/20 match at Welsread Gardens.
Sunset is approx 20.50hrs (Match time 3.5 hours).
The opponents "Kiwis and Aussies" have confirmed the date as OK.
Welstead Gardens have confirmed.

June 1st Friday - Sports Science (CONFIRMED)
5.00 pm Start 20/20 match at Welstead Gardens
Sunset is approx 21.05hrs (Match time 4 hours).
The opponents "Sports Science" have confirmed.
Welstead have confirmed.

June 22nd Friday - Sports Science (PENDING)
5.00 pm Start 30/30 match at Welstead Gardens
Sunset is approx 21.20hrs (Match time 4.5 hours).
The opponents "Sports Science" have not confirmed. I've got to check this out
Welstead have confirmed.
Also looking Iffy from an MPA point of view as this is Nikon day despite being a Friday when we all like to get off a bit sharpish and there are no students around anyway?

July 1st Sunday - Sports Science (CONFIRMED)
1 pm Start 40/40 match at Welstead Gardens
Sunset is approx 21.20hrs (Match time 8 hours).
The opponents "Sports Science" have confirmed.
Welstead have confirmed.

Other news is that ‘Ash’ who was mentioned way back in November has come through as a potential player. Ash’s background is something along the lines of being a youth academy player for Surrey County Cricket club and he gave it up to study Music Tech. But up to that point he’d been playing at a very high level for his age with the prospects of possibly playing for SCCC? Apparently he’s well up for it and could potentially be at the next practice this Saturday? Alex is filling him in with all the info and hopefully he’ll be joining us at the weekend. So Thomas and Mark – watch out your positions as opening batsmen look under threat on two sides – Tom Dick and ‘Ash’ from the SCCC!
Expected this Saturday
Simon’s mate
Rod/Thomas’s mate
Tom Dick

My News

Threw a few balls on Monday and still can’t get the leggie sorted it always comes out as a Wrong Un. But I’ve had a look at some Shane Warne videos tonight and it may be that I’ve got my arm too vertical and that the back of my hand is facing the batsman as I release the ball and this is the action required for the wrong un? Other than that after not bowling any of the variations now for over three weeks I had a go at the other three that I do – The Wrong Un, Over Spinner and the Flipper. All of them were spot on especially the flipper, the flipper I like as it does what the leggie is supposed to do – pitches legside and turns in to the middle stump. I was managing to pitch it 4 or 5 metres in front of leg but about 0.5 metres wide at the point of impact and it was then turning into middle stump! I was well pleased!

Again I can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can try some of this out on some grass. I read in the paper tonight that we’ve had 80% more rain than average hence all the places I normally practice on are under and inch of water or totally saturated.