Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ben and Joe update

Ben and Joe had their second training session at Fitzwymarc school nets today. They're not liking it as much as the previous series of sessions, but I suppose this will be the test in a way to see how committed they are and how interested? I did put it to them after the session that they might want to come over to Grays and join me there and they didn't like that idea at all - they want to stay with B&PCC.

This week they were with the Bloke Graham (I think that's his name) and were doing defensive block batting. Weirdly a lot of them including Ben and Joe seemed to have a lot of trouble grasping it even though from my perspective it strikes me as being a relatively simple move. Joe was one of the kids that grasped it to a greater extent, Ben did so to some point but lacked Joe's Finesse. It's obviously difficult to do a great deal with a 8 boys in an hour, all of whom have attention thresholds of about 10 minutes and the coach has got to get his point across and guide them through the basics. Both Ben and Joe stand there looking at the other kids who are in the nets batting and bowling both wishing they could get in there and have a bowl. I'd imagine that next week that's what may happen as some of the new kids were in the nets bowling this week, so I'm assuming they're going to rotate the drills with the net sessions?

They were both gutted that this week they weren't questioned on the fielding positions and Ben went as far as asking the bloke whether they would be and when he said no was very disappointed. So I'll have to keep that up and do it every now and then to ensure that when it does happen they know. I don't mind it as in the 3 years I've been playing I've not learned them and in the last 48 hours I think I've pretty much learned the 11 or 12 basic positions.

I reckon Fitzwymarc should get a pot of paint out and paint the walls of their sports hall white as all the wall above the height of about 10 foot is those horrible browny grey concrete blocks and it makes it dismally dark in there which could be a H&S issue with fast ball being chucked about.